You are on your way to being a new pet owner!If you are interested and wish to reserve a puppy then the first thing to do is to email me with the name of the puppy you wish to reserve. You will have to provide us your full name, address, phone number. If we are to ship the puppy we will need to know the name of the major airport you wish to use.Thank you.
A deposit is your guarantee that I will not place the puppy of your choice with someone else.
A deposit also serves as my guarantee that you will be purchasing the puppy specified. A $250.00 deposit will reserve your puppy. Final payment is due by the time the puppy is ready and about to leave our home. For payments options, we except cash bank deposits, Walmart money grams, money us for available or additional payment options.Airline shipping has an additional fee, (weather permitting) which includes travel crate, veterinarian exam, health certificate, and cost of airline ticket to a major airport in the buyers area.
Flight arrangements will be made by the seller.


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